Enabling better access to drug approval packages submitted to and made available by the Food and Drug Administration

OpenTrialsFDA aims to increase access, discoverability and opportunities for re-use of a large volume of high quality information in the publically available Federal U.S. Food and Drug Administration drug approval packages. These review packages often contain information on clinical trials that have never been published in academic journals. However, despite their high value these FDA documents are notoriously difficult to access, aggregate, and search. As a consequence, they are rarely used by clinicians and researchers. The project will allow third party platforms to access, search, and present the information, thus maximizing discoverability and impact.

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The Team

  • Emma Beer (Open Knowledge International, United Kingdom)
  • Ben Goldacre (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
  • Erick Turner (Oregon Health & Science University, United States)
  • Paul Walsh (Open Knowledge International, United Kingdom)

Contact Name

Stephen Abbott Pugh

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