Open Neuroimaging Laboratory

Advancing brain research by enabling collaborative annotation, discovery and analysis of brain imaging data

There is a massive volume of brain imaging data available on the internet, capturing different types of information such as brain anatomy, connectivity and function. This data represents an incredible effort of funding, data collection, processing, and the goodwill of thousands of participants. The development of a web-based application called BrainBox will enable distributed collaboration around annotation, discovery and analysis of publicly available brain imaging data, generating insight on critical societal challenges such as mental disorders but also on the structure of our cognition.

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The Team

  • Roberto Toro (Institute Pasteur, France)
  • Satrajit Ghosh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States)
  • Katja Heuer (Max Plank Institute for Human and Brain Sciences, Germany)
  • Amy Robinson (Wired Differently, Inc., United States)

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Roberto Toro

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Open Neuroimaging Laboratory